Mega Jackpot

Raffle-style games have always appealed to people from across the globe with their simplicity and the promise of numerous prizes being distributed.

Mega Jackpot is one such Australian game. Each drawing comes with 200,000 tickets that provide players with multiple opportunities to claim one of the fun and exciting prizes.

This raffle-style lottery belongs to the portfolio of Lucky Lotteries – the name given to draw lotteries administered by Tattersalls. Two opportunities are available under this brand – Mega Jackpot and Super Jackpot.

Initially, these opportunities were only regional. Since 2015, they are available in all of the Australian territories.

While raffle-style games are pretty simple and straightforward, there are some specifics to be mindful of. Here are some of the biggest essentials about Mega Jackpot.

How Does Mega Jackpot Work?

Mega Jackpot Lucky Lottery is a raffle-style game. Tickets are pre-printed, which means that each player is going to get a random numerical combination appearing on their entry into the lottery.

Lucky Lottery Mega Jackpot drawings occur based on a pre-determined draw schedule. What’s interesting about this game is that it doesn’t have a fixed frequency of drawings occurring. As of the time of writing, the next Mega Jackpot drawing is scheduled for June 29, 2020.

The official platform dedicated to the Lucky Lotteries games provides information about the upcoming drawings, when ticket sales open, and what the anticipated jackpot is going to be.

Usually, the frequency of Mega Jackpot drawings depends on the amount of time it takes to sell out the pre-printed tickets. Thus, the number of drawings is tied to the interest of players in the game. Also, the Mega Jackpot prize has to reach a certain amount, and that is also tied to ticket sales volumes.

Playing Mega Jackpot is relatively simple.

The Mega Jackpot lottery standard entry costs 5.50 dollars.

Players can buy tickets in a retail venue, online, or via the official Australian lottery app. Regardless of the gameplay method chosen, players can also decide if they’re entering the current drawing or if they’d like their ticket to be valid for one of the upcoming future drawings.

When buying a ticket, players also have to decide how many Mega Jackpot numbers they’re going to play. The possible range is one to 10 numbers for random numbers and up to 2,000 for sequential numbers. More information on these two specifics is available on the official Mega Jackpot website.

There are no significant restrictions when it comes to who can play Mega Jackpot.

Players need to be 18 or older, and that’s pretty much it. Foreigners who are residing legally on the territory of Australia have the right to participate in local games of luck and claim prizes.

Mega Jackpot Prizes and Payouts

Now that you know what Mega Jackpot is and we’ve answered the critical question of when Mega Jackpot is drawn, it’s time to pay attention to the most exciting aspect of the game – its prizes.

Mega Jackpot guarantees one jackpot, one first prize, the one second prize, the one third prize, five fourth prizes, ten fifth prizes, 25 sixth prizes, and so on.

The jackpot is a minimum of one million dollars, and it increased by 240,000 dollars whenever it’s not being won.

The first, second, and third prizes are all fixed amounts of 200,000, 20,000, and 5,000 dollars, respectively. The fourth prize is 1,000 dollars, and the lowest Mega Jackpot prize is 12 dollars. This smallest amount is handed to 2,800 lucky winners.

On top of these rewards, there are consolation prizes. Any number that is one number off the first prize digit will win its owner 1,000 dollars. Smaller consolation prizes are also available, and these consist of free tickets.

The overall odds of winning a Mega Jackpot prize are one in 16.14. The odds of winning the jackpot are one in 9,483,167.

Once the Mega Jackpot draw is completed, those who have bought tickets at a retail venue will have six months to come forward and make a prize claim.

Prizes of under 1,500 dollars can be claimed instantly at any authorized retail venue in Australia. For a more substantial sum, winners will need to fill out an official Prize Claim Form before requesting a payout. Division one and jackpot prizes are subjected to a two-week temporary period before the payment is issued to the lucky winner.

Those who play the lottery online will benefit from a simplified procedure. For smaller sums, the amount will be instantly credited to the player’s account. For more considerable sums, winners will be provided with instructions about what would need to happen for the claim to be completed.

In Australia, lottery prizes are not subjected to an income tax. Thus, the sums being advertised for the respective drawing are the ones that the winner will get.

Checking the Latest Mega Jackpot Results

Mega Jackpot results are elementary to check in several distinct ways.

For a start, all of the essential information is made available via the Lucky Lotteries official website. There, you can discover the winning digits, as well as the distribution and the allocation of the prize funds.

Those who play the lottery online or through the app wouldn’t have to worry about checking the results. they will be alerted in the event of winning any sum from Mega Jackpot.

We are also committed to turning into a one-stop-shop for Australian lottery information.

The latest Mega Jackpot results are readily available, and so are the results for other prominent Australian games. All that you have to do is go to the respective section and check the drawing date that you’re interested in. Apart from the latest drawing information, we also have a result archive that you can always count on to do your research and boost your odds of winning.

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