Super Jackpot

With a name like Super Jackpot, this Australian lottery is sure not to disappoint. A game organized by Lucky Lotteries, this is more of a raffle-style opportunity to test your luck and win one of 10,000 prizes every single time.

Super Jackpot by Lucky Lotteries is administered by Tattersalls and is one of two games under the brand. The second one is Mega Jackpot, and it’s also a raffle-style game that has pre-printed tickets and a fixed number of prizes.

Of the two, Super Jackpot is the more popular game. Since it does generate a lot of buyer interest, Super Jackpot has its drawings held more often than Mega Jackpot. How exactly does this game work, and what are its rules? Let’s find out.

How to Play Super Jackpot

Do you want to know how does Super Jackpot work? You’re in luck because this one happens to be among the easiest Australian games to master.

There’s a fixed number of tickets printed for every single Super Jackpot drawing – 270,000. Winning numbers are randomly selected from the pool to determine what prize each player is entitled to.

To play Lucky Lotteries Super Jackpot, you’ll need to spend 2.20 dollars per number. The Super Jackpot lottery gives players two opportunities to choose their numbers – random or sequential. If you opt for random numbers, you can select anywhere between one and 10. If you go for sequential numbers, you can choose up to 2,000 numbers.

Identifying the winners happens over two drawings every single time. The first drawing will select the guaranteed winning numbers. Thus, to win one of the cash prizes, your number must match one of the winning numbers drawn.

There is also a second, separate drawing used to determine the jackpot winner. The winner of the jackpot has to be one of the numbers selected for the other prize tiers. This means that one lucky number will be drawn twice – for a lower prize tier and the maximum award.

What’s the Super Jackpot draw time, you may ask? The next drawing is scheduled for June 29, followed by another drawing on July 3 and so on. A drawing takes place every few days, and you may want to check the game’s official website every once in a while to see when the next participation opportunity will become available.

Ticket purchases are possible in several ways. You can visit one of the Tattersalls retail venues throughout Australia and get your ticket. Alternatively, choose the official online platform or the app to buy your ticket and test your luck.

There are no restrictions concerning the nationalities of people who can play the lottery. Residents of other countries have won many big prizes and even jackpots in Australia, so do consider these games of luck from the Land Down Under.

What Are the Super Jackpot Prizes?

Now that you know what Super Jackpot is let’s address the most important issue there is – the prizes!

You may be wondering about the Super Jackpot odds, and here they are – since there are 270,000 tickets for each drawing (and if we assume that all of the tickets get sold), you chance of winning a prize is one in 270,000.

The game distributes multiple kinds of awards, some of them pretty attractive.

The first prize in the game is 100,000 dollars. There’s also a second prize of 10,000 dollars and the third prize of 5,000 dollars.

On top of that, Super Jackpot distributes two fourth prizes of 500 dollars, 10 fifth prizes of 200 dollars, 20 sixth prizes of 100 dollars, 100 seventh prizes of 50 dollars, and so on. You can get the complete list on the lottery’s official website and via the app. The lowest prize tier is 10 dollars, and 2,480 tickets will win that amount.

A minimum jackpot of 500,000 dollars is guaranteed for each drawing. In the event of no winner, the sum will roll over towards the next one and grow by at least 130,000 dollars.

The odds of winning the jackpot are one in 18,385,876.

Apart from the main prizes, there are consolation prizes of 1,000 dollars each.

Players can benefit from several prize claim possibilities. Those who get tickets online will also get to claim smaller sums via the portal. For more massive prizes, online players will be informed about the prize claim procedure.

Offline prize claims go as follows: prizes of under 1,500 dollars can be cashed out immediately at any retail outlet in Australia. Prizes of more than 1,500 dollars should be claimed by post and after filling out a prize claim form. Finally, division one prizes can also be requested by post. These awards, however, will be subjected to a two-week temporary period that has to be finalized before the payment is issued.

Checking the Super Jackpot Results Today

One the Super Jackpot next draw takes place, it’s time to check out the results and see if you’ve won anything.

The Super Jackpot today results can be checked out in a couple of ways.

If you play online, you wouldn’t have to worry about the results. The information is automatically available in the portal, and you will also be informed if you have won anything. Those who play offline can use a couple of opportunities.

For a start, the information is available on the Lucky Lotteries official website. There, you can also do a Super Jackpot check ticket.

Our website is another excellent, highly reliable source of information. Don’t hesitate to visit the respective section and see if you’ve won anything. We also have an extensive results archive for numerous Australian lotteries that you can count on to fine-tune your gameplay strategy.

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